Evidence of Past Industry – Many spiders consume their web when repairing, or moving it. The proteins it contains are recycled into new web. Many webs we see are “cobwebs” and no longer in use. “Spider web” refers to webs still in use.
Earthbound flight – Guara. Sometimes called Whirling Butterflies, guara has long captured my heart. Watching their delicate flower laden stalks dancing in the wind from a hummingbird’s wings, or listening to the hum of insects this generous plant provides for make it a good friend in my garden.
Cool, calm, and collected – Morning walks after the dew has fallen often reveal many small moments of beauty. When the sun is only a little way up, its slanted light sparkles through spiderwebs, dewdrops, and the delicate petals on flowers. It’s a daily source of soul refreshment.