Desublimating On Ion Flows – What a magical temporary thing is frost. Appearing seemingly out of nothing in the presence of cold. How does each ice strand form? Misty drop by misty drop attracted by small differences in the atoms in the air? Each drop added in exchange for a little more warmth?
Hey, Follow Me In! – On the north side of a nearly vertical concrete retaining wall, a large patch of moss was creating a foothold for an entire ecosystem. This nook was occupied by a spider catching the mist.
Pre-sprouted – Early rains caught by the seed heads provides enough moisture to sprout the seeds before they ever touch soil. By design, or premature? I saw no evidence of sprouts falling to the ground, but perhaps it takes a while.
Does the Spider Mind? – There is some magic between webs and water. What is collected and what passes through determined by an instant in time when conditions were just right. Add sunlight and the trap becomes delight for the right eyes.
Beautiful remains – A lone wooden fence post in the middle of the meadow acts as hunting perch and dinner table for the raptors in the area. Watching the frost melt into the clearest sparkling water as the sun hit, then drifting off as mist made me appreciate just how many moments of exquisite beauty happen all the time. All we need to do is choose to direct our attention toward them.