Hanging Decorations and Setting a Feast – As a former professional tree-climber working in a large city, I have a fondness for the Chinese Pistache. With such spectacular foliage and beautiful clusters of fruit, they have a firm place in urban landscaping. The fruit, once it turns purple later, is a favorite of many birds, although inedible for humans. And yes, as its name suggests, it is related to the pistachio.
Look into Your Future – I feel a sense of grief when I think of all the harm we have wrought on the waters of our planet, and yet, inspired by water’s ever-renewing, life-bringing qualities, I must renew my own well to speak for those who cannot.
Evidence of Past Industry – Many spiders consume their web when repairing, or moving it. The proteins it contains are recycled into new web. Many webs we see are “cobwebs” and no longer in use. “Spider web” refers to webs still in use.
It’s a matter of perspective – In the noise of human concerns, it’s easy to lose touch with the other non-human and plant persons we share our home with. When they too are noticed and respected, we all flourish.